In this demanding economic climate the options of selling through traditional estate agents and cash buying companies are not suitable for all. Many traditional estate agents have failed to adapt to current challenges and lack the ability to actually sell in a reasonable time period, resulting in many properties being on the market for 12 months or more. (Reputable) cash buying companies will usually buy quickly, but demand strong discounts (none less than 30% whatever they initially say) as they have high marketing costs.

The exclusive abodeExpedite service bridges the gap between these two options and MAXIMISES your chance of SELLING your property via specialist partner firms to PRE-QUALIFIED CASH OR MORTGAGE APPROVED PURCHASERS around the country who are READY TO BUY YOUR PROPERTY FAST. Briefly:

  1. Your property will be marketed to a database of THOUSANDS of first time buyers, cash buyers, chain free onward purchasers and active property investors that are wishing to PURCHASE property today!

  2. All people in the databases are generally in a position to complete within 4 - 6 weeks if they decide decide to purchase your property.

  3. Upcoming property promotion on Facebook and Twitter

  4. Video walkthrough of your property

  5. We make outbound sales calls to sell your property

You may choose "instruct us" from the left menu to buy, sell, rent or let, but if you want to have a chat first or find out more about us, please visit the contact us section to get in touch by phone, email, or post.

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